Brain Fog

Technology and brain fog are not copacetic bed buddies. Once upon a time I had a successful adoption blog, but I’ve completely forgotten how I set that up five years ago. And, shockingly, WordPress has changed and improved over the past few years. So what you’re seeing probably looks okay, but it’s because I’ve been piddling around with the settings for about four hours. 😆 Why four hours?

  1. I haven’t been in the work world for eight years and technology moved on without even telling me.
  2. My two youngest gremlins have to be sitting on me or near me at all times, without exception. I love them, but if one more kid digs their elbow into my ovary, I’ll have two sons instead of three.
  3. And my favorite…BRAIN FOG.

Let’s talk brain fog. Brain fog is that silvery mist that settles over the coherent parts of your brain and removes your ability to multi-task or think clearly. I find I can continue what I’m doing, but at a much slower and inefficient pace. I make mistakes where there would otherwise be none. A normal person would take a break and return to the activity when their eyes weren’t glazed over, but I’ve never been accused of being normal. I just power through, blinking a lot, and huffing essential oils that my friend swears will improve my focus. The jury is still out on that one and I’m $25 poorer.

Have you ever tried to have a conversation during a brain fog? Are you the type who can fake your way through, or does your mind just grind to a complete stop? I have found that I can continue conversations but they are very rote and robotic on my part. Basically, I am not contributing anything of value or interest so if caught in a conversation while foggy I quickly try to see my way out. In general, I try to avoid interacting with anyone outside my family when I’m fogging. Anyone else would think I’m high or having a stroke.

What do you do for your brain fog? Any helpful hints? Share with the group! I have to believe there is something out there more effective than covering myself in citric oils. No offense to doTerra.

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